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Dodo Thermo Liner XPE 6mm- 10 Metre Roll

Dodo Thermo Liner XPE 6mm- 10 Metre Roll

Ecowave Thermal Insulation-35mm

Ecowave Polyester fibre offers excellent thermal and acoustic properties making it an efficient insulation product in both building and vehicle applications. Roll is 70cm tall and 20m long MADE IN IRELAND
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Polyester Non Woven Acoustic Thermal Insulation Dacron 14 oz
Fine Fiber Non Woven Insulation
Ideal for vehicle insulation purposes
High quality acoustic absorption material
Flame Retardent
Product Dimensions:
Size:0.7m b 1m
Area: 1.5m²
Weight: 14oz - 396gms
Nominal Thickness: 35-40mm

Sold in a 20 metre roll

Sound & heat insulation for use within cars, vans, motorhomes and other vehicles.

Roll Size : 20 metres in length 70cm tall Approx 35mm thick MADE IN IRELAND

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