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Exhaust Insulation 28x28x1000mm DE053  - Autoterm

Exhaust Insulation 28x28x1000mm DE053 - Autoterm

Heater Exhaust hose 24mm DE019

Exhaust pipe 24mm Stainless hose is cut from a roll. If you order 1 unit, you will receive 1 metre of stainless hose, if you order 2 units, you will receive 2 metres of stainless hose
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Can Be used with most heaters, including Propex Heatsource and Autoterm. Exhaust Pipes 24mm The stainless steel flue/exhaust pipe comes in 1 metre lengths, it is extremely durable and flexible. The pipe can be used as either the flue or exhaust pipe on most marine/vehicle heaters.

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