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EV Charging Station NS -EVC200300200

Victron EV Charging Station- Singe or 3 Phase Operation

The Ideal EV Charging Station to integrate with your Victron system- New Style

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EV Charging Station NS – 22 kW
High power EV Charging Station
The EV Charging Station NS has three-phase and single-phase capabilities. It delivers a maximum of 22 kW AC in three-phase or 7.3
kW in single-phase mode. It comes with a blue front. A black or white front can be purchased separately.

WiFi Communication
WiFi: 802.11 b/g/n for configuration, monitoring and control. The internal WiFi module can be configured in Access Point or Station
mode for both, the initial setup and monitoring.

Easy operation and control via Bluetooth and the VictronConnect App
Get full control and overview of all operating parameters and session statistics at a glance.

Light Ring for fast viewing the device state
Fully programmable RGB Light Ring around the charging port to quickly determine the device state. It can be programmed from the
integrated web interface to display different light effects based on the current state (disconnected, charging, charged etc.).

Three working modes available:
1. Manual Mode to configure output current
Manual mode allows configurable output current between 6-32 A. The charging power can be regulated in different
ways: by using the web interface, from a GX device and VRM and via VictronConnect. It allows to manually start or
stop the charging process when a vehicle is connected to the charging station.
2. Automatic Mode to ensure maximum PV system efficiency
Detects when excess power is available and uses only that power to charge the vehicle.
3. Scheduled Mode to charge the EV at certain time intervals
A fully programmable scheduler allows charging at different time intervals, for example at certain times during the
night when grid energy is cheaper.

Integration with GX devices and VRM
Control and monitor the EV Charging Station NS from a GX device touch display and the Remote Console and the VRM Portal. The
VRM Portal also offers real time and custom reports for configurable time periods.

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