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Seitz S4 700mm  by 400mm Top Hinged

Seitz S4 700mm by 400mm Top Hinged

Vechline 3 axis bracket

Vechline 3 axis bracket

SCA 188- CE Certified- Renault Approved

SCA Comfort roof, Comes complete with CE certified strenthening frame, bed with spring system, roof locking mechanism, canvas pre fitted,

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opening: front

Roof type: sleeper

roof height vehicle roof closed: ca. 2000 mm

lying area: bed with cup springs thickness upholstery: 30 mm

dimension llying area: 2290 x 1210 mm

Entry cover: artificial leather cover

locking mechanism: South-Co. version

canvas: standard

scissors Height: 350 mm

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SCA 188- German Made- Renault Approved.

CE certified Based on a completely new development and the use of the technically sophisticated vacuum expansion process for the production of the roof shell – a new feature in this product area – a sleeper roof with many advantages was created.

The high scissor lifts provide considerably more legroom and make it possible to sleep with your head towards the rear.

Compared to the previous solution, the lift has been increased by 25 cm.

A high-quality reclining unit with flexible disc springs and an aluminium frame provides even more comfort when reclining and sleeping.

The new Southco locks with integrated safety straps ensure simple and secure locking of the roof.

The roof shell is manufactured using the sophisticated vacuum expansion process.

This guarantees consistent wall thickness and ensures that the outer surface of the roof shell is smooth and non-profiled – an ideal prerequisite for the direct adhesion of thin solar foil just a few millimetres thick without significantly increasing the overall height of the vehicle.

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