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Dinitrol 500 2 Window Fitting Kit PUR500T2K

Dinitrol 500 2 Window Fitting Kit PUR500T2K

Sikaflex 552 Black

Sikaflex 552 Black

Sikaflex 521 UV White

  • Multi-purpose: All-in-one sealant and adhesive designed for repairs and construction to caravans and motorhomes
  • Instant high grab: Better strong bonding properties
  • Permanently elastic: Produces a strong, long lasting seal that bonds to a variety of substrates including, metal primers, ceramics, plastics and much more
  • Strong resistance: Better resistant shield to UV lights, ageing, weathering and high electricity
  • Low odour, PVC and solvent free
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Sikaflex-512 is the ultimate hybrid all-purpose sealant and adhesive sealant for caravans and motorhome constructions and repairs. Its excellent instant high grab strength and permanently elastic seal bonds well to a wide variety of substrates without the need for prior special treatment including timber, metals, metal primers, ceramics, plastics and painting coatings (2-C systems). Using a distinct formula, Sikaflex-512 provides exceptional UV, aging, weathering and high electrical resistance suitable for fixing TV aerials, roof vents and window strips on motorhomes.

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