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Dinitrol 500 Single Window Fitting Kit PUR500T1K

Dinitrol 500 Single Window Fitting Kit PUR500T1K

Dinitrol 500 4 Window Fitting Kit PUR500T4K

Dinitrol 500 4 Window Fitting Kit PUR500T4K


Application: The activator DINITROL 520 should be applied by the wipe on/wipe off procedure, i.e. in the first step the activator should be wiped on the glass-ceramic surface of the windshield by a tissue wetted with the activator. In a second step a residual excess on the surface should be taken off by wiping with a clean tissue. Due to its reactivity with moisture, the opened bottle has to be used within a few days. After this time, or if the DINITROL 520 has become milky instead of clear, the product must be discarded. An inactivity of the activator is possible. This product is suitable for experienced professional users only. Further information: - Material safety data sheet - DINOL primer chart Storage: Storage between 0 and 35°C, in closed packaging in a dry and ventilated area.
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30ml bottle of Dinitrol 520 The glass activator DINITROL 520 is a solvent containing adhesion promoting formulation which isused in combination with the DINOL glass primer for the direct glazing in the automotive industry.In combination with the multiprimer DINITROL 550, the activator DINITROL 520 improves theadhesion on several metals and plastics. Test with actual substrates and conditions have to bepreformed to ensure adhesion and material compatibility.Trials by the supplier are recommended. Product benefits are_• Pre-treatment on glasses• Pre-treatment on metals and plastics• Cleaning agent of the bonding areas

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