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Dometic FreshJet 2200 White with ADB and Light

Dometic FreshJet 2200 White with ADB and Light

Truma Saphite Comfort

Internal Air distribution box for Dometic Freshjet 2200 roof mounted air conditioner

This unit come with interior LED light

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  • Directs airflow in multiple directions for efficient convection currents,
  • Maximised airflow provides an even and constant supply of fresh air in your RV,
  • Compatible with already installed Dometic FreshJet AC’s,
  • Easy management of settings,
  • Simple design with fully integrated LEDs.



Dometic FreshJet Air Distribution Box (With LED) 

Brand new air distribution box provides optimum cooling performance with two adjustable air flows. The Fresh Jet air distribution box was designed with up-to-date research in fluid dynamics.

Full fan power in two directions achieves air circulation in your living area, as well as your cab. This means your passengers and you can keep cool, even on the move! They’re also fully adjustable, the air flow vents can be altered to face either left, right, up, or down.

Compatible with most Dometic AC units but is compatible with all FreshJet units. Enjoy the benefit of cool air with ambient lighting, given forth by the additional LEDs.


Specifications: Measurements given as approximate figures:

  • Product depth measures 53.5 cm,
  • Product height measures 4.7 cm,
  • Product width measures 48 cm,
  • Unit weights about 3.1 kg.



Warranty/Safety information

Safety information – Read before purchasing:

Please verify with professional that this AC is suitable for your RV. The vehicle must be of sound strength, to support an opening in the roof, and the weight of the unit. Dometic can’t accept responsibility for damage to your vehicle, as a result of incorrect installation.



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